Diaper Accessories: The big Onesie Shootout – Part 4 – Kiddo / Diaper Minister

Quickly progressing our little series we’ve already arrived at our third actual onesie product, this time from our friends at Diaper Minister under the Kiddo brand/ label. This one came in that nice package I got a while ago when I was updating people about the ABU and Bambino diapers. So thanks to our French buddies for providing the sample! :-)

Colors and Patterns

At the Diaper Minister online shop they have two patterns available right now – the one with the planes depicted here and another in white with pine trees and bears printed on. Of course it’s possible that at any time in the future there may be additional colors and prints, but we’ll cross that bridge when we come to it. For now let’s focus at what we have.

This particular onesie is rather unique in that it features genuine silkscreen textile printing, which is a rare thing these days since the more cost-efficient sublimation/ inkjet direct printing methods have pretty much taken over (in addition to indirect transfer methods, of course). There are a few advantages in this as there are of course also some downsides.

Perhaps the most apparent key benefit is that such a method allows to print on colored stock, in this case a fully dyed light blue-ish/ cyan-ish cotton cloth. Even the white clouds are printed instead of being left out regions of white material (negative space) like with the other methods. So the color is there from the inside as well and not just shining through from the outside like on a painter’s canvas. As a result you have much less risk of colors fading all too heavily in a short time and this onesie will probably still have a nice sky color next year.

Even still, the question of course is whether the prints will last equally long and that’s another story entirely. One of the less favorable properties of these kinds of textile colors is that they form very dense, impenetrable, plastic-y areas and close up the “pores” of the tissue as it were. The white is ironically particularly bad. Not only does this affect the “breathability” of the overall product, but like all these things the surfaces lose their elasticity and get brittle after a while, meaning they start to crack and the color may flake and peel off. You can also see how it affects the tension of the cloth and forms those discernible patterns on the inside.

The aircraft pattern also has a slight design flaw in that someone forgot to print black outlines on the green planes, but that is a minor thing. I’ve been a bit of a (military) aviation buff all my life, so I’m glad that such a cool onesie even exists and this imperfection can be overlooked and forgiven easily.

Size and Fit

Based on past experiences with other products and my gut feeling (after reading the sizing chart, of course) I asked for a size XL and when I first tried on the product my hunch was confirmed. It felt very comfortable and fitted like a glove, that is it’s tight enough to not flap around too much, but at the same time loose enough to not turn dressing into an exercise. Looking back, though, I tend to think that a size L might also have done the trick.

Kiddo Onesie

Contributing massively to the almost perfect fit is the shape which is somewhere between the Kiwisto and Pien & Polle we tested previously. The angle of the lower section is not as obtuse as the latter, but also not as steep and triangular as the former. For me this gives just the right amount of coverage. It doesn’t cover up your diaper completely, but I always like to think that some bits of your nappy peeking out looks kinda sexy, so that doesn’t bother me too much. It’s still definitely better than the Kiwisto. If I wasn’t wearing this one almost exclusively at home for bedtime I’d feel reasonably confident that it would go down far enough my pants to not reveal too much. That said, obviously the print doesn’t lend itself too much to be inconspicuous in public.

Kiddo Onesie

Another thing that likely makes this less of an alternative to your daily T-shirt is the “American collar” or “Wing body” as we call it in Germany, meaning the neck hole isn’t actually a hole but rather a slit formed by the specifically shaped front and back parts where they overlap. This makes it easy to climb in and pop your noggin through. However, it also represents a slight inconvenience here. Because there is no stitching to secure the overlap in place it tends to roll up and you need to spend a bit of time to straighten it out again.

Kiddo Onesie

On a whole this is still very comfy for what I’m using this onesie for – cuddling myself up for sleep. The spacious nature of my size XL also allows enough room for those extra thick diapers when you just want to sleep in on Sundays. ;-)

Diaper Fixation

Given the very good fit as per the previous chapter you should expect this product to hold up your diaper nicely and indeed it does. The cloth is more on the heavy and slightly thicker side when it comes to the cotton stretch variety which allows for some strength and resilience. Additionally the seam linings provide another bit of strength and retention, so you can bet a penny or two that this won’t give in so quickly.

Kiddo Onesie

That notwithstanding, the open neck piece might somewhat diminish this effect, especially if you have narrow shoulders and the sleeves are sliding down further. It may in fact be a good idea to spend a home crafting afternoon and apply a few stitches to that much-mentioned crack to make it work mor like a conventional onesie or shirt.

Kiddo Onesie

As the images show, there’s plenty of buttons for you to close everything up (or alternatively ruin your fingernails when opening it up again). Because I requested an XL, there are five buttons. Other sizes only have four, but that’s still enough to keep you busy and ensure a tight seal. The placement is even and precise and on my example I did not notice any damage caused by the buttons or their prongs.

Kiddo Onesie

Since this onesie buttons up from back to front (or bottom to top if you will) the rings on the reverse piece match the color of the seam linings, making them a bit less pop out. One might not think it from the pictures since the flap appears rather short, but it’s easy to handle and ends up in an accessible area, allowing for convenient diaper changes if necessary. The dense placement of the buttons also provides a good grip and stiffens things up a bit, further facilitating procedures. Their only downside really is that they appear to be just a tiny bit too strong. That makes things a bit tricky the first few times you open and close them.

Materials and Manufacturing Quality

As I already mentioned casually in the previous chapter, the textile is very robust and should last you very long if you don’t damage it in some way. The same goes for the seam lining ribbons. The sewing itself is mostly okay. There are a few slight kinks here and there and some of the areas where multiple parts are joined together look a bit bumpy, but nothing too dramatic. This onesie passes with flying colors in the “Chinese factory twist” category, meaning it has none and was put together in a way that allowed the materials to relax and produce straight lines.

So far I have not noticed any stitching starting to unravel and as far as I remember there weren’t too many remnants of cut-off thread falling out when releasing the product from its package, so the quality could be considered very good within the bounds of its manufacturing origin. If this holds up in the long run, the crumbling print will really be more critical to making it look shabby.

Pricing and Availability

The pricing for this onesie is extremely reasonable. At 21.90 Euros it’s almost a steal, I dare say. I’ve paid more money for lesser products in my time. Diaper Minister being a small outlet you should expect availability to be somewhat erratic at times, though I’m sure they are doing their best to always be stocked up. It may just take a few weeks for their resupply to arrive if they run out. That being the case I would recommend to contact them beforehand, especially if you plan on buying multiple items or your size is no longer listed as available in the online store. It helps to be patient and not in a last-minute rush.


Overall this is a nice product and it seems to me that Diaper Minister have made a good catch and proven a lucky hand picking out this onesie for their customers. Even if you are not into planes (or bears for that matter) you might consider one of the two available patterns and who knows, perhaps soon there will be even more to choose from. I definitely like the fact that for the foreseeable future this will hold up nicely in light of its good quality, though I might find those color flakes on my sheets occasionally. You could definitely do worse and spend your money on not so great products (which later entries in this series will show), so this is a onesie you might consider as an excellent alternative.

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