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Diaper Test: Bambino Magnifico

After some disappointing experiences with printed diapers I try to restrain myself and try not to spend too much of what little cash I have on these kinds of products anymore, but of course every now and then something comes along and I can’t resist the temptation. The Bambino Magnifico is one such case.

Bambino Magnifico

The only reason you’re even reading this review is because somehow it made a fuse melt in my brain. Now imagine how I sat there when I first saw pictures of this product late last year (or was it early this year?), doing baby-ish facial expressions and going “Ooooh-aaaah, that isss soooo cuuuuuuute!”. You know, those dragons/ dinosaurs with their well-rounded butts in diapers. Oh my! As the Borg say on Star Trek: “Resistance is futile!”. I – just – couldn’t!

From there on it was only a matter of time before a chance might arise to order them somewhere and a few weeks ago Nappies’R’Us was useful in fulfilling that secret desire of mine. If you hurry up after reading this article, you might actually be able to catch some of the goods before they run out again, which – as usual – sadly enough will and shall forever be the biggest concern with these things in terms of actually being able to experience the product.

Bambino Magnifico

Upon first inspection, the product appeared rather huge to me since I’m not wearing these rather exclusive and elusive diapers more often and in addition they are labeled as dual sizes, i.e. S/ M and L/ XL which made me assume they would skew toward the upper end. This could easily be disproven by taking actual measurements which match the regular Bambinos almost all the way. There is a twist here, though, which explains things a bit.

In contrast to the traditional adhesive tapes this one uses velcro, but in a rather unusual manner, since the outer surface is still plastic foil. So in place of the extra transparent sticker that on other models would serve as a strengthened area on which you place your sticky tapes it has a sticker with the velcro slings. The velcro hooks therefore are where the tapes would be, but to make this even more unusual they aren’t classical separate tapes, either. Instead this is in fact a very broad elastic ribbon with protruding tabs which claw into the slings.

I hear this is a rather common method on some local Asian products, but naturally I have no access to these things and can’t verify it first hand. I guess it might be time to learn Chinese/ Korean/ Japanese or whatever to be able to read those web pages of theirs… ;-) Either way, it’s pretty cool when you see it and it works nicely. It also blends in nicely with the surroundings and thus becomes almost invisible.

Bambino Magnifico

The elastic tape takes a moment to unfold its magic, so you will find yourself readjusting it after a few minutes in most situations. It seems rather rigid at first but then presumably due to the body heat becomes more malleable. In my case I had to tighten it up a bit. Based on my experiences I’m therefore not really convinced that the intended multi-size use would actually work that well in practice since unless you have those ten minutes to wait for the tape to become expandable it might be tricky to get a decent initial fit. If you have big hips (if you get my meaning) and really need those two or three centimeters there’s always the risk you might rip it while it’s “cold”.

On my examples the elastics were a bit off-center due to a manufacturing glitch, so it looked a bit odd at times, but nonetheless it worked. The adhesion tape/ ribbon is sandwiched inbetween the outer plastic foil and the inner textile lining, by the way, so if it rips out, the damage could be potentially huge. One of the many benefits of those tapes is that I can wear the larger size much better because I get more freedom in tweaking things to my liking and thus get a nice seal in the back region just as of course the flexible tapes will allow for some leeway with my bulbous tummy.

Another feature that sets this diaper apart from other products (including other Bambinos) is the once more boosted absorption volume/ size and weight of the pad. This one is up there with the best of them and just feels very thick and heavy. All the same it shares the same problems with its brethren – by the time you may actually have managed to exhaust the volume, your diaper is pretty ripe/ rife in the literal meaning of the word and you probably would prefer to change it earlier, anyway. Regardless, you can feel pretty safe with this product and should easily get through a full night, even if you sleep in on a Sunday morning.

Bambino Magnifico

The rest is pretty much like on the other Bambinos. The pad is generously large, the foil rather crinkly and the shape slightly old-fashioned, yet efficient and comfortable to wear. You now also get ten pieces per pack instead of just eight, though I’m not sure if you can call it much of an improvement. It merely makes things easier to compare to competing products and simplifies the math when you plan your purchases.

The price for a pack is higher as well, of course, and when you break it down to individual unit prices it remains one of the more expensive products out there. Combined with the spotty availability this can really only be an occasional treat and diversion from your daily routine, not a full on replacement of your current incontinence protection.

All that said, I rather like the product and that is rare enough as it is. I’m feeling quite content and even my graphics designer sensors don’t go on alert because it’s one of the few printed diapers out there that is actually really nice to look at and not one of these atrocious eyesores. Even if you don’t care for diapered dragon babies you might get something out of the plain white version called Bambino Bianco UltraStretch and enjoy the same quality.


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  1. What matters to me is not what an adult diaper looks like on the outside, since it’s generally worn underneath pants and other clothing, but how well it contains whatever you happen to do while wearing.


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