Diaper Quickie: Jessa Hygiene Slip Flex Slip

I’m still running behind schedule due to too many other distractions and annoyances of my life as a chronically ill person requiring my time and attention, but things should improve again now that some of these obstacles have been pushed to the side. There’s more to come, but let’s start with a mini review of a product that has only recently entered the market, even if it has been around in a different guise already for a while. Confused? Keep reading! As a matter of fact to you people from abroad this is probably going to be more of a bit of travelling advise than a genuine diaper test. Since summer holiday season isn’t too far away or already has started for some of you this may be even more relevant, so listen carefully.

As you well may know from my articles (or other sources and personal experience), here in Germany most incontinence care products of the more serious kind are only available via our Sanitätshaus/ Rehatechnik specialized home care shops. This for a number of reasons has several disadvantages like product choice usually being limited to a few predominant suppliers that vary from region to region, prices being higher than presumably necessary due to this being a regulated market and, this is where it gets interesting, business hours like back in the 1980s where hardly anyone could even imagine working longer in a store than 6 PM.

Now imagine you having landed at some airport late in the afternoon and looking for some diapers to spend your night in the hotel padded. Exactly! Unless you have made special reservations, you might bump into closed doors. The obvious thing to do would be to evade the issue by going to the nearest drugstore/ chemists or shopping centre like you may be used to from wherever you are coming from, but that would be too easy, wouldn’t it? Yes, most of the time you will only find pull-up pants with low to medium absorption ratings, but no “serious” diapers.

Thankfully, with the people in power realising the potential of selling incontinence care products in an ageing society, this is beginning to change and so some of those drugstore chains are making a foray and have begun holding either some stock brand diapers or creating their own OEM brands. This made some waves and caused some cheers in respective diaper-centric communities, since it’s really not common. With that long foreword hopefully making some sort of sense we are getting to the interesting bits and have a look at the Jessa Hygiene Slip Flex Slip.

Jessa Hygiene-Slip

This product is sold at the dm drugstores which is short for “drogerie markt” and it just means that – drugstore. Imaginative, isn’t it? ;-) So first lesson here: If you look for this product, follow the signs with the yellow/ red wave thingy. To make it easier to find and recognize the package on the shelves I have also included the front and reverse angles, just in case. Typically you will find this stuff more at the back of these stores where you also can find baby diapers, ladies’ pads and toilet paper, so work your way past all those tempting lipsticks and creams. Since I live in a small town in the outskirts of Leipzig and we don’t have one of those dm shops it took me an excursion to the big city to procure a package for this review.

Jessa Hygiene-Slip

There are ten pieces in the package and once you take one of them out, it will look mightily familiar: Yes, it’s an Attends Adjustable. If you paid attention and looked at the package design you might even have clued in on some of the graphics already which in style and execution look also similar and have a detailed rendition of the product. Even if you didn’t open tha package, you could have guessed. Further indication is the address of the distributor being exactly the same as AttendsGerman headquarters. With all these hints and by reading the original article you should get some idea.

Still, there are some things you need to pay attention to. First, for reasons that are hard to understand they opted for the L sized Adjustable, which as a matter of fact makes it too large for many people even if they labeled it as M/ L. This has caused some controversy and uproar. Even for me the ribbons of the belt are too long and the only thing that makes up for that is that with these products you put them up higher on your waist and thus for once I can exploit my slight tummy. Naturally it also takes care of providing enough coverage in the rear parts, which sometimes can be a problem with belted diapers in smaller sizes. Regardless, it remains an odd decision and one can only hope that soon they will add an S/ M version derived from the original size M.

Jessa Hygiene-Slip

Quality-wise you get what you expect. I had no examples of the genuine Attends Adjustable in size L at hand, but I’m inclined to think that there are no technical differences. It simply wouldn’t make sense to reconfigure the production lines and redesign the product. If at all, it may be a bit lighter, but again, at the moment I have no way of verifying that.

The difference in materials should not distract too much. Lately Attends have simply been using a different tissue for the outer shell which is more pure white instead of having the blue-ish tint to it. I see the same with my health insurance funded Attends Slip Regular. The new material is slightly softer, which makes wearing these products even more pleasant. Not as pleasant as my all-time favorite the ID Slip Super, but I’m not going to complain.

Beyond that there’s not much more to say. Personally I’m quite pleased that such products popping up may signal a change in how manufacturers think about their incontinence products and in an open market this can only be helpful. A bit of competition might at least have a corrective and stabilizing effect on prices. If you are lucky you can already get this one for around 7 Euros on a discount offer, which means the retail price for ten pieces is even below some online offerings compared to the regular 21 piece Attends Adjustable package. That can’t be a bad thing. ;-)

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