Onesies Downunder Giveaway

As promised in the latest article of our onesies reviews, it’s time to give away a bunch of stuff that was generously provided by Onesies Downunder. No, not one of the onesies themselves (sorry, but unfortunately I’m not that rich), but rather some pacifiers, paci clips and so on.

Onesies Downunder Giveaway

As per the image, each contestant can win one of the depicted pacifier clips along with up to three pacifiers in colors of his choice. I’ll also throw in some printed diapers from my leftovers. Obviously there will only be three lucky ones to get one of the paci clips, but I’ll try to satisfy as many runner-ups and give away as much as I can. So even if you may not get one of the printed ribbons, you might still get a paci or two if you so desire. To that end I have bolstered the number of items by including some extra pacis from Diaper Minister, whom I have to thank also. Same for the diapers – I’ll try to make as many people happy as I can. To participate please hit the link and fill out the form:

Fill out the giveaway form

The contest will be open until August 20th 2017 and winners will be drawn at random after that. All contact info will only be used for the contest and retained until the winners have been contacted. After that it will be deleted, so make sure you provide a valid e-mail address and check your inbox after the closing date in case you have been lucky. Prices will be shipped free of charge only across the EU and the rest of Europe based on the cheapest possible method. Sorry for the rest. There’s my millionaire problem again (that is not being one ;-) ). If you have any questions or concerns, please use the comments on this post. Enjoy the contest!

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