Summertime = Sloth Time

As the title suggests, summer isn’t necessarily my favorite time of the year. Even when I was still healthy the only thing the warm weather was good for was to allow for putting in some extra miles cycling. Otherwise I never really enjoyed the heat that much, being a child of autumn and perhaps a bit of a viking at heart, enjoying colder days and overcast skies.

That being so, those last two weeks have been rather slow with a heatwave here in these parts, making me extremely lazy. If that wasn’t enough, I also had quite a bout of Rheumatoid Arthritis, one of the many symptoms associated with my Sarcoidosis making it difficult to get any work done with stiff and aching hands. It’s just difficult holding that graphics tablet pen when your fingers just want to remain in a relaxing stretched out position. Therefore you didn’t get an article last week and I’m not sure if I can finish up things to publish something this week.

On the bright side, Onesies Downunder just announced some new onesies and since I mentioned it in my review (which they passed with flying colors), I thought it is worth mentioning here so you may get a chance to grab your version of this year’s Halloween onesies. Yes, indeed there’s two this time (click the links for more information).

Spooky Night Onesie

Spooky Sweets Onesie

I’d probably go with the night onesie, but I guess the other one would be okay. So double-check your computer and Internet connection to be prepared and not suffer any technical breakdowns when the order period starts on August 7th. Perhaps you should also put up a sticky note somewhere in case you forget. Those thingies sell out fast and are a one-time-opportunity.

Another new onesie from the same company made me giggle when I saw the pic on Facebook and it so handily fitted the situation, I stole some inspiration for this very post’s title. The Sloths Onesie is just hilarious. Walking into the office on a Monday with your coffee mug in your hand after a long party weekend isn’t that far-fetched a thought and even your co-workers might appreciate the humor and subliminal message you’re sending… ;-)

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