Suiting up for Space

I guess it’s a case of “All good things come to those that wait.”, but to me it seems to have taken rather long from announcement to actual product availability with regards to the ABU Diaper Suits based on their Space and LittlePawz patterns. Yes, on some days Facebook is actually good for some things and as per their announcements, the products are ready for your pleasure. Their onesies fared reasonably well in our product test (the size issue and terrible availability here in Europe notwithstanding), so this should be incentive enough to check them out. I guess now with their “space suit” and Space diaper it’s only a matter of time before they’ll collaborate with Elon Musk and have their own space rocket. Bad puns aside, I still have the hots for those patterned versions, so who’ll be the first to send me some? ;-)

Elsewhere, our friends at Onesies Downunder haven’t been lazy slobs, either and keep turning out new designs. Their new Planets onesie even kinda fits the space theme, despite them already having a “proper” Space one. If unicorns are more up your alley, then that desire is also served with the new onesie of same name. Being a sci-fi aficionado, I have definitely taken a note of the planets version on my virtual watch list/ shopping list and hopefully the actual date when I might be able to hit that “buy” button is not too far away.

On an anecdotal sidenote, I read the news about the new ABU suits on my iPad while on a bus this morning and as bad luck would have it, the driver had to slam the brakes real hard on a railroad crossing with its bars lowering. Luckily I had stowed away my tablet already or else I would now have a “spider (web) app”, as we call it here in Germany on my screen plus I didn’t bang my head against the hand rails, but another guy (a young man/ boy around the age of 15 or something like that on his way to school) wasn’t as lucky. He was standing in the aisles and took a hard nose dive due to the inertia. He seemed to have contracted a severe concussion (he was on the verge of blacking out) and they had to call in an ambulance, so I hope he’s well.

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