Medcare again

It happens rarely enough, but this week brought a bit of diversity to my itinerary. As a welcome change from my endless medical appointments I had an excursion to a seasonal market with my mom and on Friday was grandma’s funeral after she had passed away at the age of 91 a few weeks ago, but my personal highlight was the sophomore edition of Medcare. I would love to attend more of these medical conferences and tradeshows, but there aren’t too many in our area to begin with and I don’t have the money to travel the country (in addition to the usual scheduling conflicts with my other activities). So I have to make do with whatever I can get in or get invited to.

With its second outing it seems to me Medcare is slowly finding its way and specialising into a few things like hospital care, ostomy products and a few other things, though admittedly it feels a bit rough around the edges. Something that miffed me a bit this year was that several seminars were cancelled or their times shifted around because the people supposed to hold them were tied up at their work places. Not good in my opinion because it lowers the value of such events and if you set your sights on specific lectures you might end up having a lot of free time  and nothing to do while waiting for the next event in line or miss them entirely if you have to leave. This should be avoided.

Of course as an outsider I can take it easy, but I was still disappointed that the seminar on pain treatment didn’t happen on the day I was there. The one that replaced it on incontinence associated dermatitis wasn’t bad, though, and a few things I learned there might come in handy in my series on incontinence skincare that I just started. The other one I sat in on dealt with wound treatment and also offered some interesting insights even though it went way beyond what you may encounter in your personal life. The accompanying exhibition was pretty much identical to the one back in 2015, so I forewent taking photos in favor of a bit more chit-chatting within what my limited abilities in making conversation allow. I’m just not good at all this socializing stuff. I would also love if the exhibition was a bit larger and more varied, though I understand it may be difficult to reel in companies to put up a stand for those two or three days.

As for the rest – the personnel situation here in Germany seems to be really dire and desperate. Just like last time I could have walked off the premises with a handful of preliminary employment contracts/ letters of intent if I had the qualifications and my chronic illness wouldn’t keep me from being allowed these kinds of jobs. So if you feel like moving over here and working as a care nurse and so on, you will be welcome. Of course the pay still isn’t that great and there’s a lot of overtime, which might make you reconsider.

Finally, I took the opportunity to refresh my organ donor card. The situation here is just as bad and there are way too many people waiting and praying for replacement organs. Personally I have no issue with some of my body parts being removed after I am no longer alive, but I know it’s a sensitive topic. In my case I might not even be that useful since my illness will cause issues with tissue rejection, but who knows, sometimes even trivial stuff like a cornea, a blood vessel, a bone, a tendon, a part of your oesophagus and so on can mean the world to someone, so I’m all for it. For more info head over to the DSO site and maybe I’ll get around to writing a longer article one of these days that may help to alleviate some of the fears people may have.

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