Diaper Test: Rearz Lil Squirts

I’m a reluctant hero when it comes to single tape diapers, so it took a while before I just got over it and got myself those Rearz Lil Squirts from our local biggest diaper dealer here in Germany, SaveExpress.

Rearz Lil Squirts, White, Packshot

The product has been on the market for almost a year now or at least since early this year (2017) when it came out first in the colored variant. These days I’m more about practicality than fancy prints (at least where the diapers themselves are concerned), so I opted for a full package of the white version and got some separate individual samples of the colored one.

Rearz Lil Squirts, Available Colors

It had been quite some time since I last reviewed a Rearz product and I never really got around to testing the size L model when I was doing that article on the Safari, Seduction and Princess Pink flavors and this new test presented an opportunity to do just that.

Rearz Lil Squirts, Printed, Size Comparison

Rather predictably the L version is pretty oversized already even for me and my barrel belly, considering that the regular size M products are spacious enough to begin with. While on regular diapers with two or three tapes per side this would be a problem to a much lesser extent, I wouldn’t recommend it with this type. You may love to cover your belly button with that nice fluffy stuff from the absorbent pad, but unless you make extensive use of additional adhesive tape, it is quite unlikely you’ll ever get this feeling.

Rearz Lil Squirts, White, Frontside View

As the images illustrate, there will always be lots of loose material regardless of whether you place the tape far up like I did sort of “academically correct” for my photos or use it in a lower position. Something is always bound to flop around and using too big a size only exacerbates these issues. Therefore the only sane advise can be to stick with the size that comes closest to your actual body measurements and proportions. Naturally, as always, doing so will also be helpful to ensure an optimum fit, tight seal and prevention of leakage.

Rearz Lil Squirts, White, Lateral View

Unfortunately the people at Rearz (or more specifically whatever factory is producing the product in their name) have made no special effort to adapt the shape of the diaper to the requirements and limitations of only having a single tape. This furthers my previous argument even more.

Had they bothered to at least cut off some of the excess material around the legs things might have looked better in the sense that it then would not be unlike a Attends Slip Active and possibly even be a good candidate for sports and other leisure activities that may require a bit more freedom of movement. As it is, you’ll probably be more busy trying to conceal the extraneous material and finding ways to restrict it so it doesn’t get in the way.

To sum up things briefly again: For me a size M will do just fine and in light of the quirks associated with just having a single broad tape using an L is unnecessary and unnecessarily complicated. This doesn’t in any way subtract from the product’s other, rather favorable qualities, however.

Rearz Lil Squirts, White, Backside View

As I pointed out back then and keep repeating in my reviews, I love myself diapers with very wide pads in the back due to my fecal incontinence issues and my personal preference also extends to using rather thick diapers for practical reasons even when I’m in public for longer durations and not just at home. This combo is present here and say what you will – if it wasn’t for the price, there’d be a good chance I’d stock up on Rearz, ABU and a few other brands and use them all the time. In this case of course I’d presumably rather go with the plain white Inspire or the plain black Seduction, with the occasional Safari thrown in for fun. Funny enough, though, I kinda like the blue-ish sheen caused by the inside material on this particular product. It has a breath of classiness to it.

Rearz Lil Squirts, White, Inside View

Since the specs haven’t really changed, you get the same very absorbent pad and it’s going to get you through a night or a good portion of the day if you can work out the specific fit. For me this doesn’t work too well and somehow I always have to change the product a bit prematurely to prevent things from flowing out, but if you are more on the lean side and have a regular body stature this could work reasonably where my attempts always get thwarted by my big tummy.

Finally let’s speak a bit about the design of the printed version. I have to be honest here: When I first saw it I thought to myself “Epic fail!”. To me as a graphics designer (of sorts) it was all too obvious that this is a case of good intentions gone wrong. Now here’s the thing: I love underwater creatures and the initial preliminary designs looked just like my kind of thing. There’s really nothing wrong with octopuses and seahorses and even the googly-eyed crocodile and frog are okay.

However, somehow during the actual production the wheels seem to have fallen off the cart. The foil chosen sucks any vibrance and life out of the print colors and thus the whole affair looks rather dull and dreary in the end. To somewhat prove my point I even have mocked up a tweaked version by the mighty powers of Photoshop (I didn’t isolate individual colors and only used a global color adjustment, so don’t mind the green having turned purple).

Rearz Lil Squirts, Printed, Optimized Colors Mock-Up

As should become evident, it really comes down to choosing a differently colored base and perhaps shift the colors a bit to be more prominent and this could look a lot better. Do you agree? Of course any number of other color combinations would be possible and thinkable, too, just not too many with the cyan/turquoise foil, I guess.

If you haven’t tried any of the Rearz diapers yet, you can include this particular one without much risk on your wishlist. In my view you should make it a point, though, to not only read my other article but also include some actual samples of the two tape versions. For me those still work a lot better. If you are merely looking for a very absorbent product on a more generic level and are confident enough that your physique plays nice with these single tape products, then there’s nothing against this one. The biggest hinderance to adopt this more widely will be the steep price, anyway, so chances are you’ll be very selective about it and make decisions on the spot as needed, regardless of what I wrote here. ;-)

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