Onesies Galore!

As some of you may have noticed, I edited the post for our little Suprima giveaway, which of course can only mean the contest is over. The winner (in this case winner-ess) has been notified and will receive her little goodie soon. Thanks to everyone that participated and stay tuned. There’s no doubt some other contest coming soon-ish if things go as planned.

In similar diaper suit related news, Onesies Downunder have added yet another slew of new prints to their line-up. It’s really getting crowded even if you don’t count this year’s Christmas edition. The race is on for that one similar to the Halloween ones (which, BTW I’m still wearing as I’m typing those words), so hurry up if you want this funny piece with Santa feeding fish to penguins (while riding a polar bear).

There’s another somewhat icy theme with the Mammoth onesie, which is extremely adorable. The others are a bit more generic and include Vikings, Aliens and Owls. The latter two have a slightly psychedelic touch due to their intense colors, but at the same time would pass as regular T-shirts if you’re not a member of the “It can be any color as long as it’s black!” fraction. ;-)

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