Diaper Accessories: The big Onesie Shootout – Part 12 – Active Pro

We covered a lot of ground already in this series, but naturally this is such a wide field, there’s always a chance a product unbeknownst to you and me will pop up just by visiting an online site one hasn’t come across before or that was recently updated with new products. Such is the case with the Active Pro homecare suit, which is available via Insenio, one of Germany‘s bigger homecare online outlets.

Colors and Patterns

This product only comes in a single color: plain white. The cloth is a mix of cotton with a dose of Lycra/ Elasthane thrown in for shape retention. There’s really not much more to say than that.

Size and Fit

The real reason I opted to get this product is of course to see how it holds up in particular compared to the Suprima products of same design. Based on the sizing chart provided on the order page I opted for a size L and the short-sleeved version. There is a sleeveless/ tank-top version as well. Luckily my guesstimate was right spot-on, so the basic fit is just fine. Based on the very soft, semi-elastic cloth it’s a sort of half-tight/ half-loose fit depending on which body region you are looking at. In my case it’s a bit more snug around the thorax/ chest, but strangely flabby in the crotch area and then again a bit more tight on the legs.

Active Pro Homecare Suit, Front

Arguably the resulting curvy shape is intentional for leaving extra room for your incontinence products. In case of the female part of the population it may also work better due to their larger pelvis, but to me this seems like an odd affair. This is even more the case since not much thought seems to have gone in other aspects of the fit. The overall shape is very stubby, which could make things difficult if you were to opt a smaller size just to obtain a tighter fit. That, by the way, would also make the neck piece fit more pleasantly. As it is, to me the hole always feels too large, resulting in an oddly lofty feel around the collar bones as if wind was blowing against my chest.

Active Pro Homecare Suit, Back

Aside from these specific issues the product feels comfortable once you get used to it. Obviously it’s 99 percent unsuitable for anything else but wearing it at home in bed, so most other things that could be relevant become kind of unimportant just like that.

Diaper Fixation

Given the points of the previous paragraph, you cannot expect much here. The textile is simply too soft to offer much support and resilience. If at all, this really only works if your body matches the proportions of the product ideally with a certain minimum tension in the cloth being retained at all times. Therefore you probably won’t be able to go without some extra fixation garment for your diaper.

Active Pro Homecare Suit, Zipper

While the overall softness may represent a disadvantage for many other things, it works quite well for dealing with the zipper. Since the cloth can be stretched and mangled quite a bit, it’s not that difficult to close things up without breaking too much of a sweat. The whole procedure remains fiddly when you have to do it yourself, but it’s perfectly possible.

Materials and Manufacturing Quality

As mentioned under the Colors section, this product uses your typical cotton stretch material with a bit of Elasthane. My example showed no knots or other issues in the cloth itself. How it’s sewn together is however a completely different story. I did my best to get presentable photos (sans ironing the suit), but despite all the effort you still can kind of guess that things are crooked. This is exposed even more when you specifically look at the neck seam or the insides of the legs. Things seem to always wrinkle up, meaning there is some sort of unwanted tension. as I said in past articles I’m well aware that it’s difficult to sew elastics, but regardless, this shouldn’t happen.

Active Pro Homecare Suit, Neck

On the shot with the open zipper and leg flap you also see that the seams are not that good overall. They appear rushed and not much consideration seems to have been given to cleaning up the ends and areas where multiple hemlines converge. This by all means looks amateurish. There’s even already some threads peeking out despite the product having been washed only once at the time of taking the images and now that it has been in the laundry multiple times these issues are becoming more and more prominent.

Pricing and Availability

The product being produced in Turkey and no doubt being sold in bulk as an OEM/ custom label item in large quantities, you are bound to come across it in one form or another, no matter what actual name may be printed on the label. As I said at the beginning I got mine from Insenio here in Germany. Assuming they are not running out any time soon it should be easy enough to order and get a timely delivery.

The big stinker is that the price just isn’t right. It currently sits at 18.95 Euros, which feels almost outrageous when next to it they are also offering the superior Suprima for a mere 20.95 Euros. Before that the asking price was even higher. See the problem? The only way I could see this selling better is if they adjusted it down even further below the 15 Euros mark or sold it in packs of two or three at similarly reduced cost.


Dare I say it? All things considered this product at this point may not be worth your attention with the only exception being if you can’t find something else that sits right on your body. It’s comfortable enough to sleep in, I grant you that, but the poor quality and slightly ridiculous price kill it for me. It would be totally okay if you could get it at reduced cost like those multi-packs of cheap T-shirts at your grocery store, but on its own merits it doesn’t stand much of a chance. There’s plenty of better alternatives and by that I’m not only implying Suprima‘s products.

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