Diaper Test: ID Slip Maxi and Maxi Prime

Today’s menu will feature a product that has been on my list quite a while. As a big fan of the ID Slip Super in all its variants I’ve long been wanting to find out whether the Maxi version would add anything on top of it. Then some time last year the Maxi Prime popped up and I possibly couldn’t put off giving this a spin for much longer. So here we go.

ID Slip Maxi and Maxi Prime, Packages

These products not being officially distributed in Germany I once more had to resort to an online store from Belgium, which also has the added benefit of the products being a tad cheaper. The package contains the same number of pieces as the retail version of the breathable Super, so it’s even easier to compare prices. The minor caveat here is that the foil-based version in their chunky packs of 28 is still slightly cheaper when you do the math and calculate unit prices, so if that’s good enough for you, you can stop reading here. ;-) For the purpose of the subsequent inevitable comparison shots I only had one of those foil Supers handy, anyway. This skews the result ever so slightly since these fold up better and thus are a bit flatter, but it should serve the intention, regardless.

ID Slip, Absorption Levels

ID Slip, Thicknesses

As you can see, the different flavors are hugely identical fresh out of the package. If you wanted, you could kind of interpret the Maxi being the thickest of the three, but the limitations of my photographic process notwithstanding, arguably this could count as reading tea leaves. That is to say in practice you won’t notice much of a difference in the absolute thickness. What you can feel however is a different touch to each of the three models. Using the Super as a base reference, the Maxi is slightly fluffier whereas the Maxi Prime feels quite hard and solid. It is also the most heavy out of the three and putting it on the scales confirms this.

ID Slip Maxi Prime, Front

The overall shape matches that of the Super in every way, so the fit is nearly identical for all of them. Within slight variations you should have no difficulty transitioning and alternating from one to the other as needed. With these observations, what are the real differences then?

I’ve been discussing this with some person who shall remain unnamed a bit off-list, and we’ve both come to similar conclusions. First let’s begin with the Maxi. As one might conclude from the absorption level denomination on the package only being bumped up to the full 8 drops as opposed to the Super‘s 7.5 drops, the difference is minute. For the most part you will notice the somewhat looser texture and the resulting increased volume. This also tracks back to the photo with the stacked products. Whether or not you can actually get anything out of this is another question.

My own instinct says “No!”, as I’ve always done pretty well with the Super already. There is a slightly extended use, yes, but in my opinion it’s not significant enough. It’s the much-cited “one time extra pee” that may or may not save your bacon. On an abstract level therefore little seems to speak for this product, but hear me out. One advantage I found after all is that the even fluffier absorbent pad elevates the comfort at night by a tiny notch. Not that the (breathable) Super would be uncomfortable, but if you are the type that cherishes every bit of coziness you can get, then this might be an incentive to at least give it a try.

ID Slip Maxi Prime, Side View

The Maxi Prime is a different beast entirely. Regular readers of this little blog may remember my review of the Tena Slip Ultima and if you guessed that things would be headed in a similar direction, then you were right. Unfortunate as it is, it very much turns out the same here – instead of re-engineering the product, someone had the brilliant idea of “Let’s just throw in more super absorber!” and it whacked out the physics. It’s only consequential then that for the possibly intended use as a super-strong nighttime diaper this more or less fails, or at least doesn’t bring anything to the table that would make it superior to a Super or Maxi.

The flow of the liquid inside the pad is simply disturbed, which you feel immediately the first time you use the diaper. Just like in that other product there tend to be local “clusters” instead of the fluids evenly propagating through the entire pad. If you are extremely unlucky and already have wetted your product a bunch of times this could mean your excretions flow on the surface of the already saturated regions, possibly resulting in sideways leakage. That’s even more reason why it may not be the first choice for the night.

Not all is lost, though. If you are daring enough and don’t mind walking around with a somewhat thickly padded bum this can still be useful on long trips as the vertical orientation of the flow will allow to exploit and control usage better. Still, overall you might not ever get to the equivalent of the full ten drops, no matter whether based on your gut feeling or real measurements.

ID Slip Maxi Prime, Back

While I was genuinely curious, actually trying this out revealed that you are likely not missing out on much, a sentiment shared by the mystery friend I had been discussing this with. In the usual manner that doesn’t mean that those two products haven’t any extra value, but the usage scenarios are too specific to give a general recommendation. Of course you can’t go wrong if you ever have tried out the ID Slip Super. Both of the diapers will give you at least that same level of performance, yet it begs the questions what else there is on top of it and in my opinion that’s not enough to warrant the higher price. It’s really once more a case of “if only…”. You may come up with creative uses to make this work, but for the time being I will stick with the Super for those rare occasions where I want to treat myself to something special. Perhaps Ontex can work on this and improve those critical points and then I might consider the Maxi and Maxi Prime more seriously – if the price is right.

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