The Nothing News

After I quietly skipped this weekend’s article and since some readers perhaps wondered, I’m just giving you an official heads up. Yes, it’s one of those times again where I’m bogged down by my medical stuff and thus I haven’t gotten around to furnishing up new and shiny things for my blogs. I’m transitioning from one chronic pain medication to the other again for the third time in the last six months and since it basically means that I always have to wean off the previous one and go a few weeks without any of this stuff to detoxify, I have a few more “bad” days than usual where I’m stiff like a brick and constantly tired. I also have a ton of medical appointments lately, so even more reason to take things slow and only work on things part of the time. So bear with me and be patient if you don’t get your regular dose of reading in the next few weeks. I’m working on new materials all the time, it just takes more effort and energy than I’m able to muster at the moment, so it’s a slow slog instead of a breeze. I have some things lined up that will hopefully get you excited and should more than compensate for this slight lull in activity…

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