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Sizes measured

Despite still being somewhat under the weather, life needs to go on and I’m anything but lazy, even if things only progress slowly. Over an off-list conversation with someone I dug out a project that I had been dabbling with last year and never quite finished and I figured I could at least do that much and work in some of the more recent additions to my own internal database and put it to use.

As a first result of this I derived an ever so popular range chart to give you an idea about the actual size of certain diaper products based on their circumference. There are some similar diagrams floating the Internet that appear to be rather dated and have never been updated, so I’m hoping to do a slightly better job with this. The limitation is of course that it only includes products I can get my hands on, so feel free to get in touch if you want to contribute and send in samples to make those lists more complete and appropriate for your region. Some short instructions and explanations are included, but if you have questions, ideas and suggestions, likewise just hit me up. Click on the links below to download the full lists in PDF format.

Circumference Fitted Briefs (cm, English) 02.02.2018

Circumference Fitted Briefs (in, English) 02.02.2018


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