Giveaway Time: Space-y Onesie

While most people who follow my blogs are quiet readers and that probably won’t change, occasionally someone steps forward and proactively gets in touch with me to offer some kind words and a bit of support. That’s how I got this space/ fantasy themed onesie intended to be reviewed for my onesies series. Unfortunately the size monster struck again and it is way too small for me, so I’m giving this well-intentioned, but unfortunately for me not usable present away.

Onesie ABDL-Factory

The onesie is a size M and the model can be bought from ABDLFactory (among other things of course ;-) ). After checking, I figured that once again I probably would need an XL or at the very least an L. This means that this particular example is for smaller persons not taller than 1.7 m body height. The material is a mix of polyester fibre and Elasthane, so there is some room for variation. It should also take care of the onesie feeling cosy enough, despite appearing somewhat thin.

Onesie ABDL-Factory, Front

As the second picture clearly shows, the quality is pretty good with this article being almost perfectly symmetrical and no crooked seams. If you like that and the design is up your alley, then fill out the little registration form and maybe you are the lucky winner of our little draw:

The contest is closed and the contact form has been removed to prevent abuse. Thanks for your interest!

The contest is open to everyone as long as the shipping cost would exceed the value of the product, meaning everything continental Europe, the UK and EU countries in particular is probably okay. If you live somewhere exotic you can still participate, but you may need to (partially) cover extra shipping cost if it requires more than a simple padded envelope and a “heavy letter” fee. Deadline for entry is Sunday, April 1st 2018. The winner will be picked and notified shortly thereafter. Good luck to everyone!

Legal notice: By entering the contest you agree to the terms and conditions laid out before and allow your contact information to be stored until the winner has been successfully contacted and accepted his prize. After that date the data will be deleted/ destroyed in compliance with privacy regulations and accepted best practices.


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