Diaper Test: Forsite AM:PM

Life has a way of writing its own script and so despite my best intentions, post activity on this little blog of mine took another slump. I’m not gonna bore you with the details, but suffice it to say that from being hit with some unexpected paperwork to renovating my flat partially to delays in product releases and thus unavailability for reviews to my usual health issues there have been a couple of things contributing to this and messing with my schedule. I’m hoping that this will smooth out we have a more stable flow of articles again from now, as despite all the interference of course I haven’t been entirely lazy and still worked on stuff as best as I could.

As a start we’re going to have something short and simple by ways of the Forsite AM:PM. You may ask why this should be simple. The answer to that lies in the fact that we may already have discussed the product in some form here, or, if you will, at least one of its cousins in the form of the Comficare way, way back then. I’m consciously not saying that they are the exact same product, even though the similarities are massive. Still, there are differences as well and aside from explaining those, this review also gives me an opportunity to re-evaluate my views on some things, as with experience over the years they have changed somewhat.

Forsite AM:PM, Package

When the Comficare was taken off the market, we all wondered where it went and whether it would come back. Apparently it went to Canada. ;-) At the time there was quite a debate and while even today on a logical level I perfectly understand the reasons for the cancellation, looking back at it I’d probably have a different opinion today. The fact of the matter is that, though not cheap, this product is perfectly affordable if you really want/ need it. Mind you, I’m saying that as a German where the product has been imported from China to Canada, from Canada to The Netherlands and then a package found its way to my humble home. That is to say there are a lot of surcharges on top of the original price at every step of the way and yet it is not impossible to treat yourself every once in a while to such a pack. Under those conditions it seems almost feasible they could have kept Comficare alive, but without deeper investigation of the original manufacturing/ OEM pricing even I can’t tell for certain.

Forsite AM:PM, Front

There are still twelve or ten pieces in every pack for sizes M and L, respectively. Still no XL or other sizes in sight, though. For this re-review I had only size M available, but I might want to check out the L again one day. The measurements check out and are almost perfectly identical, making this yet another strong indicator hinting at the relationship to the Comficare. And that’s where it gets interesting.

This time around I found the fit much more acceptable. There are several contributing factors. The first is of course experience. Three years in the diaper-wearing “business” is quite a bit of time and I simply know much better how I want such products to sit on my body. That also goes for products I only use rarely or ones that are completely new to me. You could probably call it some sort of muscle memory that makes this almost an instinctive thing – you just know when something isn’t right while your body is gauging the sensory impression compared to your standard product you may use every day.

The other thing related to my body is that due to some unexplained metabolic issues I have lost and keep losing weight. It doesn’t hurt, but it’s not really intentional, either. I’m still stuffing my face with lots of chocolate and other things most people consider unhealthy and still, yet the kilos keep dropping. It’s a slow burn and I still have enough reserves, but at that rate I might turn into a sexy slender beast one day. ;-) Anyway, having less fat on your body certainly makes some things easier.

Forsite AM:PM, Side View

From a technical point of view there appear to be some improvements that help with the fit, too. Without a direct comparison it’s obviously hard to verify this quantifiably, but it seems to me that the product has gone through some revisions or the manufacturing process uses different materials based on current availability. The large foil sticker on the front panel seems much more flexible and thus the product adapts better. That doesn’t change the fact that due to the very wide part between the legs that acts like a stopper it still sits somewhat low and I might be served better using a size L, but I feel there is definitely some improvement here.

The other noticeable enhancement is the absorbent pad. Again, this may either be totally coincidental or an intentional revision, but it’s very welcome, no less. One of my bigger criticisms with the Comficare was that it began to smell noticeably after a while for the simple fact that the chemicals in the pad seemed to decompose. This happened even if you hadn’t really exhausted the full capacity, so it was definitely a process that mostly depended on the actual wearing time and things like body heat more than how stinky your urine was. This seems to have been rectified and I now have much less of an urge to rip of my diaper prematurely.

Forsite AM:PM, Back

The rest is very much like I remember it from back then. True to its word, this is probably still the product with the highest overall absorption that is available on the market. There may be others that I don’t know yet, but for now I think this is the benchmark. The tiny enhancements have made this even better, so there’s really nothing to say against this product other than that it feels a bit old-fashioned at times from the overall shape to it being foil-based. As it turns out, that’s not always a bad thing and almost makes you wish there were more products like this available…


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  1. I can’t say that I appreciate that large-as-a-billboard oval logo right on the front but your review has prompted me to order a package f the L thru Amazon. We’ll see how it goes. Thanks for the advice!


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