Diaper Test: Crinklz Astronaut and Aquanaut

It’s been a bit of a slump due to materials for reviews not rolling in in time and the summer heat having melted my brain, but now things look much better again and there should be a relatively stable stream of articles in the next few weeks. For today’s review we begin with something that is a bit lighter in terms of the amount of text you may have to read as well as making it a bit easier for me to actually write the article simply because I will be able to cut a few corners and reference the original article on the second-generation Crinklz. To be fair, though, the new Astronaut and Aquanaut flavors offer more than just a different pattern print, so they warrant a somewhat closer look and deeper explanation here and there, regardless.

Crinklz Astronaut, Package

I haven’t bought any of the BetterDry/ Crinklz products in a long time, so this is a welcome opportunity to re-evaluate some aspects that I missed in-between like the minor revisions of the shape, adhesive tapes and a few other things. The reason of course is that ever since I smoothed out issues with my health insurance I get a regular supply of diapers for my medical needs, reducing the necessity of buying extra incontinence supplies on top. That and of course due to testing stuff for my blog I always have something extra to use floating about, no matter what.

Crinklz Aquanaut, Package

With the little furry critters of the original version appealing to all sorts of special interest/ fetish-oriented communities from ABDL to furries and pup players it seems only consequent that those animals would make another appearance, only in differently themed designs. As a result we get two of them, the space-y Astronaut and the underwater Aquanaut. I have a bit of a knack for both subjects, being a big fan of sea creatures, but also nerdy cosmology stuff, so this pushes the right buttons with me. Still, to me the Aquanaut seem a bit more innovative and also slightly better balanced in the overall design, so I went with that for the remainder of the article.

Crinklz Astronaut and Aquanaut, Prints

Trying on the first example of the new batch I felt right at home with what I remember from back then. The foil on this product is still quite thin, which brought back fears of premature ripping or extreme stretching. Thankfully this is not the case and the foil is in fact amazingly stable and resilient. Arguably the only reason this might ever change would be  if they decided to use a thicker, more opaque backing to bring out the prints better. That’s about the only little complaint I would have, if you want to call it that – the side parts are a bit too transparent which depending on how the wings overlap and what color your skin is, making it look a bit iffy at times.

Crinklz Aquanaut, Front

The resilience of the outer shell is most useful with regards to the strong adhesive tapes. The lack of adhesion was one of the weakest spots on the initial production batch and this immediately got remedied in subsequent batches. Oddly enough to me the stickies appear almost too strong for their own good and probably at this point could even be reduced in size and still do their job well enough. I’m not complaining, though, ‘cos as you all know I like things to be very tight and naturally strong tapes make it a lot easier.

Another “fix” that was introduced relatively quickly after the product was brought to market were the extra-deep/ tall side liners/ flow guards. Mind you, they were far from being short and narrow even in the first version, but after the revision they now clock in at a whopping six centimeters, which must make them some of the broadest ones in any incontinence product. If you allow me to put it this way: Your male bits should be firmly enclosed left and right and any sideways leakage should be pretty rare, if not impossible.

Crinklz Aquanaut, Side View

Most of you will likely agree that the best part about the BetterDry and Crinklz was/ is the thick, yet soft absorbent pad. That seems to have changed somewhat. Granted, it’s difficult to judge this based on vague memories, but it seems to me that the pad feels a lot more firm and not quite as soft as I remember it. It definitely takes a moment before it loosens up, meaning it will require at least a bit of wetness to get that old feeling back.

The rest really hasn’t changed much, at least for me. There have allegedly been a few tweaks to the shape of the pad, in particular the tapered section between the legs, after some users thought it was too wide, but since I never have suffered from any of these issues it’s hard to say whether or not this has any effect in practice.

Crinklz Aquanaut, Back

For the most part the Crinklz to me still is what it is (or for that matter the BetterDry) – a well-fitting, very comfortable diaper that I wouldn’t mind wearing all the time if my health insurance would cover the cost, but that otherwise is a nice fun product to literally pamper yourself with from time to time. The new prints spice up things for a while at least and should make it possible to find your favorite theme.

Any negative sides? Sure. With those new editions, prices have gone up once again and with such complex, colorful prints the likelihood of color rubbing off on your clothes is as high as it always has been with the Crinklz, so maybe wear some protective pants before dirtying up your favorite onesie. Still, one can’t deny that this is a pretty perfect diaper if ever there was one and I can recommend it to anyone without feeling bad about it.


2 comments on “Diaper Test: Crinklz Astronaut and Aquanaut

  1. These diapers look very nice, and thanks for your review. I especially appreciated your mentioning the tall leak guards – which are a feature I feel all manufacturers should incorporate into their products. I have been trialing the BetterDry product and they have made such a difference to my level of comfort and confidence.

    The only “gripe” I have about the BetterDry product, and many of the diaper products aimed at this market, is that most of them seem to think that 48″ is “Extra Large”. At about 59″ the largest BetterDry diaper only just fits me. My preferred size is anything between 63″ and 71″ (160 cm to 180 cm), but I have yet to find these kinds of sizes among the products offered in this market. Of necessity, I buy most of my supplies from the regular providers (ie, non-abdl oriented), who offer sizes up to 69″ (175 cm).


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