Diaper Test: Nappies’R’Us Little Rascals

With the summer heatwave still having large parts of Europe firmly under its grip (it’s been several weeks with no serious breaks in-between now here in Germany) and everybody being on holiday, activity everywhere is rather slow, so I have taken my time with this next article. Fittingly Rearz in Canada just this week announced they would distribute the Little Rascals diapers from Nappies’R’Us in North America, which makes this a perfect occasion to talk about them, even if the timing is totally coincidental.

Nappies'R'Us Little Rascals, Package

The product itself more or less fell out of the blue with no specific announcement and marketing campaign having been run, at least not that I’m aware of. Therefore I only discovered it accidentally when scouring the NRU online shop a few days after it apparently had become available and was quick to order. This definitely seems like an odd case of sixth sense, but I’m not complaining about getting lucky every once in a while. Because of that I got a small bonus sticker sheet depicting the little rascals in various alternate poses either toying with the diapers or being involved in other hijinks. Presumably those also could have been used in that advertising campaign that never seems to have materialized.

Nappies'R'Us Little Rascals, Stickers

Following my self-imposed rules I ordered them again in the two sizes appropriate for me to check out the fit on both, though of course I would use the size M as my primary point of reference for testing. The measurements are once more pretty much standard, so there is little to report here and I could proceed as planned. They follow the template to the T with the transversal length and panel widths being 94 cm and 80 cm for the L and 83 cm and 67 cm for the M, respectively. If you are already using products matching those specs, you should not have larger issues adapting the shape to your body – with a few potential caveats that we are going to look at now.

Nappies'R'Us Little Rascals, Packages for different Sizes

As you can clearly see in the photos, even inside the plastic wrappers the diapers look very thick and bulky owing to their massive absorbent pads. Both sizes come in at way above 200 grams with their dry weight, which gives credibility to the alleged 5000 ml of absorbency according to ISO. Make no mistake, this is meant to be a very heavy diaper. This is further confirmed by the extents of the pad being pretty wide in the front and rear with the size L taking the crown with 46 cm width in the derrière section. It’s of course not that unusual in the realm of “special interest/ special use” diapers, but certainly a lot more than most mainstream medical brands care to offer.

Nappies'R'Us Little Rascals, different Sizes

Because of the large padding, actually putting on the diaper may require a bit of practice. In addition to the pad doing its thing, as is so often the case these China-made foil diapers also tend to be somewhat stiff overall and this is no exception. There is the usual large extra transparent foil sticker in the front that by itself contributes considerably to making things rigid, but also the basic foil surface is a bit less than perfectly immediately malleable. It definitely requires some care and attention and possibly you should re-check the fit after five minutes when things have become a bit more elastic and flexible due to the body heat. It may be necessary to tweak the position of the tapes a bit then.

Nappies'R'Us Little Rascals, Front

The extensive use of greens on the print takes a bit of getting used to and isn’t my favorite color, but makes a nice change from the overused blue tones found on a lot of other colored diapers nonetheless. In my thinking it would probably have looked a bit better even, had the colors been tweaked a bit more and the hues slightly shifted towards other colors.

That presumably also could have minimized another problem: The thick coat of printing ink and it inevitably rubbing off. Make no mistake – as far as printed diapers go on a general level, it’s pretty bad here. You literally can see how much ink has been applied in some spots just by looking at the layered halftone patterns of the separate colors, e.g. in the dark purple shadowy areas. Once again I would strongly advise to set aside some specific protective pants for this or you may end up with nasty dark stains in your clothes that are notoriously difficult to remove.

Nappies'R'Us Little Rascals, Side View

In order to accommodate the large pad especially in the anterior the diaper is pretty asymmetrical as evidenced by the photos. Combined with the slight rigidness of the shell material this can impair the freedom of movement in the hip region to some degree. At the very least it makes the product feel as if sitting very tightly, even if in actuality it may not be wrapped all that snuggly around your butt. On the bright side, though, this doesn’t have any other ill effects like the foil cutting into your skin, so things work out just fine, after all, assuming you put in a bit of care to smooth out the foil during your changing procedures.

So far everything looks almost too perfect, but before you dance and rejoice, I need to point out the single major hitch with this product and interestingly enough, it also relates to the absorbent pad. While it is huge and should hold North of 2500 ml liquid, those good intentions are thwarted to a considerable extent by the actual absorption rate, which is quite bad. Especially after the first two or three times you literally feel how your pee is flowing across the surface of the inner lining before it finds its way and sinks in. I’m attributing this behavior to the extra bit of smooth tissue on top of the actual pad. Even though it’s perforated, it simply gets in the way.

Nappies'R'Us Little Rascals, Back

Because of the aforementioned issue you have to be extremely cautious. It limits the use of this diaper during the night and I would consider it unsuitable for people who tend to lose large amounts of urine at once and/or can’t control the intensity of their micturition. That is to say that if you are lying in a position other than perfectly straight on the back or upright the liquids will take the route of least resistance and sideways leakage is almost inevitable. I’d therefore primarily recommend this product as a thick daytime diaper for long excursions and the like. That is, if you don’t mind the visible bulking under your jeans. In that case the physics will work more favorably and you’ll better be able to exploit the full capacity.

This diaper is both not really bad, but also far from perfect. Unfortunately it has a few caveats that will prevent a more universal use. It can ever only be a component of your daily routine, but likely never take over and fully replace other products. You will have to include alternatives in your plan or else you’ll find yourself spending way too much money on filling up your stockpile because you all too often have to throw away half-used diapers. As a product for those moments you can really enjoy it and don’t need to worry about the shortcomings it’s okay, though.

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