Diaper Test: Nappies’R’Us PlayDayz

With this little blog of mine now being in its fourth year I like to think that I’ve seen and reviewed so many incontinence products in all that time that very little surprises me, but every now and then an unexpected sleeper hit pops up. Such is the case with Nappies’R’Us PlayDayz diapers and therefore let’s see and find out what makes them so unique (and quite awesome, if I may say so).

Nappies'R'Us PlayDayz, Packages with different Designs

I got this product as part of my rather spontaneous and unplanned haul along with the Little Rascals. I was a bit taken aback that it comes in two stereotypical, gender-branded variations. In times of #MeToo this left a bit of a bad taste, though admittedly on a second look it isn’t actually that terrible. In fact I originally thought of omitting the more feminine version all together, but then kinda developed a taste for the alternate prints, which are compelling nonetheless even for a male. I’m not particularly keen on certain shades of pink on my diapers, but overall I don’t mind this too much, either.

Nappies'R'Us PlayDayz, Designs Set a

Nappies'R'Us PlayDayz, Designs Set b

The male designs cater for every established trope of what the majority of the populace may think boys and men are going to like – pirates, toys, cars, aircraft and dinosaurs. The girl-ish prints are equally clichéed, though in fairness at least the farm animals and butterflies could be considered neutral. It’s really only the fairies and unicorns where they seem to have gone out of their way to hit their message in everyone’s face by making the background pink. On the good side, though, you get three full sets of all designs with every package. Since there are twelve pieces per pack, you can evenly split it by four, obviously.

Stylistically the prints are extremely similar to the ones on the ABU PreSchool, not to say that they are blatantly riffing on them or ripping them off. I totally get why they did it – you can either see it as complementing that other product and maintain a consistent design philosophy or on the other hand propose it as a cheaper, more readily available alternative, especially if you live in the UK or Europe for that matter. It’s an interesting marketing scheme and is either utterly brilliant or totally daft, depending on how you want to see it.

For me it was neither, as I was pretty disappointed in the PreSchool way back then. It just wasn’t up to the same level of quality one had come to expect from ABU. So understandably I was extremely wary and didn’t want to get lured into another disappointment by some colorful graphics that pandered to my inner child.

Nappies'R'Us PlayDayz, Packages for different Sizes

Size-wise there is nothing out of the ordinary here with the product obeying industry standards. The size M is leaning a bit on the skimpy side with its length from stem to stern being only around 79 cm. Depending on the fit this could be a bit inconvenient in the posterior region and cause some exposure when bending forward, but overall it’s a minor issue. Funny enough the size L version doesn’t have this limitation and follows the specs to the T by being 94 cm long. Conversely, the shortening really only applies to size M‘s length through the crotch. All other measurements are not affected and at 67 cm and 81 cm panel widths, respectively, the overall circumferences are what you expect them to be for both sizes.

Nappies'R'Us PlayDayz, different Sizes

One of the few caveats with this product is tape fixation. As you can clearly make out in the picture, the printed sticker area is rather narrow, all things considered, which means the larger the diaper size gets, the more problematic it could be to get your adhesive tapes where you want them. Since the rest of the outer shell is made from breathable, textile-like material, the traditional glue-based tapes may not adhere that well if you need to place them above or below the actual front “shield”. This is one of the reasons why this time around the size L doesn’t work that well, despite having more and more success with “going big” on other products lately. Naturally, it may totally not be a problem if you are slightly larger than me at my 1.80 meters and/ or if you have a more slender/ athletic physique that would allow to wrap the diaper more tightly around your bellybutton. ;-)

Nappies'R'Us PlayDayz, Front

As mentioned earlier, the front to back length can be a tad short in some sizes and as a result the panel heights can be equally a bit on the short side. Don’t let the images fool you – I just overwrapped the diaper on my pillow cushion dummy. If you look hard enough you can kinda guess that at its smallest edge the front panel isn’t much wider vertically than the sticker. It doesn’t cause any issues for me – slight tummy, narrow hips –  but if you need a bit larger circumference in this area it may become more apparent. You may also bump into fixation issues then because you run out of sticker area near the outer edges.

The back panel overlaps well enough, though it is nothing like with the Little Rascals or Little Monsters. It’s more in line with more traditional medical diapers that either have no need for this large a surface area in the back due to smaller absorbent pads or consciously trying to avoid excessively long material to ensure reasonable freedom of movement.

Nappies'R'Us PlayDayz, Side View

What made me fall in love with this product in spite of my initial skepticism is how well the combination of the pad and the breathable material works here. Some products of that type suffer from sagging issues or liquids seeping out through the microscopic openings in the tissue, but this is not the case here. To begin with, the surface material is surprisingly robust and retains its shape very well. Even after quite some time of wearing the diaper it feels like you just put it on. On some occasions I almost didn’t believe that I’d worn the product for so long because it looked nearly immaculate. It will make judging how full the diaper is visually a bit difficult, especially if you have sensory issues in the nether regions and can’t rely on that as well. That’s why it’s perhaps sensible to take a “better safe than sorry” approach the first few times you are using this product until your get the hang of it and know if and when to change while still getting the maximum usage.

Of course a lot of that is owing to the padding. It’s advertised as being in the 3500 ml to 4000 ml absorbency range according to ISO and I’m happy to report that this is a realistic assessment/ guesstimate. It’s nice to see that after the disappointing ABU PreSchool offering that promised a similar capacity, yet never ever got anywhere near actually fulfilling this promise, my faith has been restored (in a manner of speaking) and someone proves that it is totally possible if only you make an effort with your product development and quality control instead of blindly relying on what those factories in China may spew out. Overall you can expect to get a good 1900 ml effective usage out of this or even more, which is well enough to even get through a night, assuming you don’t have hyperactive kidneys or something like that and produce urine by the bucket (literally). It should be perfectly fine for average people and others will have to see how they can integrate it into their routine.

Nappies'R'Us PlayDayz, Back

Dare I say it? To me this is an almost perfect product and I think it’s pretty awesome. It gets even more fantastic when you consider that I stumbled upon this out of the blue and had no clue this product even existed. Aside from the small things I mentioned in some spots there’s not much to complain about or find fault with. Even the price is pretty decent, with only around 15 GBP for a pack of twelve. There are many much more expensive products out there that aren’t half as good! So I fully recommend checking this out. Unless you are the die-hard foil-based diaper acolyte who refuses to even try breathable variants, you’d otherwise miss out on a very good product that in my opinion is worth every penny.


3 comments on “Diaper Test: Nappies’R’Us PlayDayz

  1. Wow – unexpected result from a breathable diaper! I am interested in your experiments with going up a size and your observation that losing weight ( or rather tummy) allows a bigger size to fit better is interesting. Do you not then have problems with leg openings being too big? I used to always buy large and accidentally discovered medium held more and were more comfortable fit.


    • It’s of course still a matter of finding the right positioning. Most of the time I will use a somewhat asymmetrical placement, primarily making sure my butt is covered well (for obvious reasons) and then pull up the front section until I get a reasonably tight seal. This reduces the risk of the leg openings being too large, though of course it does not always work perfectly. Occasionally I will use extra tape to reign in any excess surface material that flip-flops around, too. Also do not forget that I’m generally wearing protective/ fixation pants in my regular size M on top, which also takes care of some of these issues by simply forcing the diaper to conform to the body and slide into place.


  2. I wear plastic panties at all times, anyway, but I still want to try these diapers. I’ll pick up a package if I can find them in the States


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