Here at the End of all Things…

After much internal deliberation and putting it off day after day, I’ve come to a decision: This blog will receive no further updates and be shut down eventually kind of soon-ish. It has simply gotten too complicated to maintain a steady pace of new articles and I don’t feel it is worth it any longer. Support (or lack thereof) from the communities involved has always been an issue and after some bad experiences this summer my motivation has gone down the drain entirely. It also simply has become too difficult to work on stuff due to growing health issues and too much downtime lately. I never seem to be able to get anything done but the bare minimum and if you can’t put your grand plans into motion, then what’s the point? It just leaves you unsatisfied if everything is only half-baked and unfinished. Thanks to all who have followed my journey in those last threepointsomething years and even more gratitude to the few who have actually supported it. See you around…


3 comments on “Here at the End of all Things…

  1. :-( Very sorry to hear this: your reviews and writing style are first class and will be very much missed. I wish you all the luck with your health issues and hope maybe one day you might return!


  2. As always, I’m hoping for the best for you.


  3. Dear Mylenium: I have been a reader of your blog for only a short time but I want to say Goodbye and wish you well in whatever comes next. You’re right, regular writing is hard work; the kind that’s really for a professional journalist. It’s rather demanding as a hobby. Comments: I got the impression that your blog wasn’t widely known. Lack of publicity may have played a part in lack of support. As for financial support, I suspect that you are probably a little ahead of your time. Even the paysites like diaper-bois aren’t really supporting themselves, We’re just not that numerous or organized yet. Anyway, good luck.


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