Get active and win!

Get active and win!

I have to be honest: I’m a bit disappointed with the activity on my survey and to make it a bit easier for you to get over your inner laziness, I’ve decided to offer some incentive and thanks to the cool people at Diaper Minister, I’m actually able to offer you something pretty juicy. See […]

Diaper Secrets: How strong are you?

Diaper Secrets: How strong are you?

So how have you been? It’s been a few weeks now since my last post and as promised, I used the free time to work on new stuff for this site. No, no new product reviews yet since I’m still waiting for a few things to work out and some people to send in nice […]

Diaper Secrets: Are you comfortable?

In favor over the weekly diaper review I opted to give you something different this week. Back last year a few days before my birthday I got it into my head to start a survey how comfortable people actually think their diapers are. Mostly I wanted a broader understanding of how others see some factors […]

Diaper Secrets: Why your Absorbency Rating is never right

With everyone going crazy over the new BetterDry and the ensuing discussions over its absorbent qualities (mostly compared to its predecessor, the Comficare) the old subject¬†of how to measure and quantify your favorite product’s absorption has come up again. Since I’ve mentioned it a couple of times already, now is as good a time as […]

Myth Busting: Don’t drink before Bedtime?

In my dealings with all that diaper business and thus getting to know other people that are incontinent or wear padding for other reasons I’m always surprised how some urban myths just don’t seem to go away. One of those is to not drink too much before going to bed.¬†Let’s review a view things to […]

Hygiene vs. Cleanliness

When discussing my health issues with other people and ultimately also my doctors the subject of hygiene often comes up. In fact just a few days ago I had a bit of a fallout with some people on a forum about how people wearing diapers might not qualify for certain professions. Aside from the fact […]