Hartmann goes Shopping

The world of incontinence products is constantly moving, as some old-timers will be quick to confirm. The Tena brand alone must have changed owners several¬†times back in the early 1990s. Hartman are not new to the game, either, having gobbled up Vlesia and a few other companies in its time. Therefore it comes as little […]

Twitter = suck

This is a direct re-post from my main blog, so you can skip it if you already read it: I swear, I’ve tried! In the end I have to declare defeat, after all. Yes, I’ve shut down my Twitter account. There’s a number of reasons for this. One of them is that you never seem […]

No Money here…

Well, since I apparently can’t stay away from running off with my mouth, there was a bit of a fallout over some recent article with Stiftung Warentest. That’s a bit like Consumer Reports or similar to you English-speaking people. The backstory is that in my own charming way and some not so nice words I […]

Support is good, is it not? ;-)

Running this site as a one-man-show is quite an exercise even on the best of days, so I’m welcoming every bit of help and support that I can get. I’m glad to report that I’m now getting exactly that from the nice people at Diaper Minister. No, it’s not raining bucks around here, but not […]

This is not News! ;-)

Hello munchkins, this is just a quick heads-up in case you are wondering why it’s so quiet around here. There are basically three¬†main reasons for this. One, some unexpected mail came in early this month and I literally spent several hours each day for several days with long-ish write-ups on some matters regarding my status […]

Silent Night, holy Night…

Since I haven’t lined up any new articles, it’s only proper that I shall make this official and tell you that I’m going to take it easy for the next few weeks just like everyone else. ;-) That doesn’t mean that I’ll be lazy and stay in bed all day, it just means that there […]

No Milk today…

…or more correctly no article this week and possibly next week. If you are following my main blog, you already know that my father has passed away rather suddenly and unexpectedly from terminal liver cancer after he got his diagnosis only a few days earlier. I may explain things in a bit more detail when […]