Summer Laziness

Sometimes things don’t go according to plan and so here I am, telling you once again why you won’t be getting your weekly dose of hacky English and diaper pictures. ;-) First, of course the usual happened that has happened for a few weeks every year – the weather was too damned hot, so I […]

Why “Space” is not “Space Cadet”

Ah, gotta love the ABDL/ special interest community… not! At least not when it comes to those petty battles over copyrighting everything and everyone. After Rearz tried to register the generic “ABDL” term a while ago and got massive flak for it, a new battle is already raging in the form of ABU vs. Tykables […]

The Nothing News

After I quietly skipped this weekend’s article and since some readers perhaps wondered, I’m just giving you an official heads up. Yes, it’s one of those times again where I’m bogged down by my medical stuff and thus I haven’t gotten around to furnishing up new and shiny things for my blogs. I’m transitioning from […]

Suprima Giveaway

Suprima Giveaway

As I promised you in my review, I’m giving away my surplus Suprima diaper suit because it’s too small for me, compliments of Suprima‘s generosity in letting me keep it. Before we move on, have a look at the image to be sure you actually want it and also read the article¬†(again) regarding the size: […]

Medcare again

It happens rarely enough, but this week brought a bit of diversity to my itinerary. As a welcome change from my endless medical appointments I had an excursion to a seasonal market with my mom and on Friday was grandma’s funeral after she had passed away at the age of 91 a few weeks ago, […]

You are a Winner! (possibly)

You are a Winner! (possibly)

I just finished sending out the notifications to the lucky winners of our little Onesies Downunder¬†giveaway, so if you have participated and are reading this, you might want to check your e-mail. The packages with the prizes will go out as fast as possible as soon as the people in question have responded and provided […]

Summertime = Sloth Time

As the title suggests, summer isn’t necessarily my favorite time of the year. Even when I was still healthy the only thing the warm weather was good for was to allow for putting in some extra miles cycling. Otherwise I never really enjoyed the heat that much, being a child of autumn and perhaps a […]