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Diaper Basics: Another Look at Incontinence Skincare – Part 1 – Introduction

Diaper Basics: Another Look at Incontinence Skincare – Part 1 – Introduction

Another of those old topics that I always wanted to revisit is a more in-depth look on incontinence related skincare. I had a short blurb on it in my introductory series way back then, but as I’ve gotten to a point where I’m wearing diapers around the clock, some of my views on the subject […]

Myth Busting: Don’t drink before Bedtime?

In my dealings with all that diaper business and thus getting to know other people that are incontinent or wear padding for other reasons I’m always surprised how some urban myths just don’t seem to go away. One of those is to not drink too much before going to bed. Let’s review a view things to […]

Rainbow Pills!

As I was picking up my prescribed medication today, I also picked myself up a new pill dispenser. I’d been pondering on it for a while, anyway. It’s getting a bit crowded in my current pill box. not so much because I have to take thirty pills a day or something like that, but those Calcium, […]

Antibiotic Man!

Today I once more took an unplanned excursion to my doctor’s. We seem to be stuck in this cycle where I barely have stopped taking my antibiotics and about two to three days after weening off the next infection hits and I get another prescription for those little pills. Let’s get the obvious out of the […]

The right Diaper – Part 6 : Baby Skin

Sprinkled in in the various other articles in this series I’ve mentioned certain aspects wearing diapers and how they are relevant to your body hygiene, especially skin issues. It’s time to expand on that and share a few words on what to do to retain that perfect skin and avoid allergies, irritation and infections. Let’s begin […]


The weird thing about my chronic illness is that due to the corticoids and antibiotics that I ingest “by the bucket” most of my immune responses are what is called “atypical”. Even under the worst infections I almost never have fever or other reactions because my immune system is so dialed down. That is, after […]