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Medcare again

It happens rarely enough, but this week brought a bit of diversity to my itinerary. As a welcome change from my endless medical appointments I had an excursion to a seasonal market with my mom and on Friday was grandma’s funeral after she had passed away at the age of 91 a few weeks ago, […]

Diaper Test: Abena Abri-Form

Diaper Test: Abena Abri-Form

After a bit of a somewhat enforced hiatus due to my hospital stay and taking care of the duties that come with it afterwards, it’s now time to continue with our product reviews. This one is going to be as big and chunky as the one for the Tena Slip, so hang in there, even if […]


Last week I spent a few days in hospital for my regular annual check-up with some endoscopic inspections of my lungs and my digestive tract, sonography, CT, lots of blood samples being taken and a few other diagnostics. Aside from the usual inconveniences like being bored to death when you don’t have anything scheduled, being stuck in […]

First Contact

While we’re still heavy into exploring the amazing world of diapers with almost weekly product reviews, of course I’m trying to expand my own horizon with a broader view on medical stuff. To that end, I’m trying to attend conferences, tradeshows and exhibitions and luckily, one was just right in the neighborhood called Medcare. It’s a […]

Feeling well vs. feeling healthy

One of the more subjective points in my dealings with medical personnel is the matter of “How do you feel?” The obvious answer then would be “Not so great.” on most days. That’s of course not what your doctor or nurse want to hear and in the following interrogation phase they try to find out […]

Hygiene vs. Cleanliness

When discussing my health issues with other people and ultimately also my doctors the subject of hygiene often comes up. In fact just a few days ago I had a bit of a fallout with some people on a forum about how people wearing diapers might not qualify for certain professions. Aside from the fact […]