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Colorful News 2

After struggling with computer issues this morning, my day got better with ABU announcing their Preschool diaper. From the looks of it, this seems to be yet another shape and it’s made with a¬†breathable backing, so it likely comes from a different manufacturer, making it impossible to predict it’s fit and absorbency.¬†Anyway, I sort of […]

Diaper Update: ABU Little Pawz and MyDiaper Animal

Over the weekend I indulged in the more obscure side of wearing diapers and visited a certain specialty party in Berlin and that’s why I didn’t get around to furnishing up another full review article. However, it’s fitting to at least give you a little update on everyone’s favorite colored diapers. On the occasion I […]

Colorful News

A while ago I wrote up some ponderings on colored diapers and so it pleases me that lately we are seeing an increased number of products that fit that need. Most of them are just variations of existing products with a different print, though. Just fresh off the production lines SaveExpress have added another flavor […]

Diaper Test: MyDiaper Night

Diaper Test: MyDiaper Night

In my exploration of new diaper products I certainly don’t shy away from trying out even more off-mainstream products. Having that childish streak myself, I’m also not afraid to get dirty with “targeted demographic” products, meaning nappies for adult baby players and the like. That plus my general opinion about the lack of colorfulness on […]