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The Nothing News

After I quietly skipped this weekend’s article and since some readers perhaps wondered, I’m just giving you an official heads up. Yes, it’s one of those times again where I’m bogged down by my medical stuff and thus I haven’t gotten around to furnishing up new and shiny things for my blogs. I’m transitioning from […]

Diaper Basics: Another Look at Incontinence Skincare – Part 1 – Introduction

Diaper Basics: Another Look at Incontinence Skincare – Part 1 – Introduction

Another of those old topics that I always wanted to revisit is a more in-depth look on incontinence related skincare. I had a short blurb on it in my introductory series way back then, but as I’ve gotten to a point where I’m wearing diapers around the clock, some of my views on the subject […]

Summertime = Sloth Time

As the title suggests, summer isn’t necessarily my favorite time of the year. Even when I was still healthy the only thing the warm weather was good for was to allow for putting in some extra miles cycling. Otherwise I never really enjoyed the heat that much, being a child of autumn and perhaps a […]

Berlin Weekend Fail

As a late-comer to all that diaper stuff, some of the more exotic things to do with it are still somewhat bewildering to me, so going to a┬ádiaper-themed party still feels odd to me. I’ve never been shy about my kinky side and I’m not going to pretend otherwise, but being surrounded by guys with […]

No Milk today…

…or more correctly no article this week and possibly next week. If you are following my main blog, you already know that my father has passed away rather suddenly and unexpectedly from terminal liver cancer after he got his diagnosis only a few days earlier. I may explain things in a bit more detail when […]

Another Week of Nothing

Unfortunately I have to give you some disappointing news again as this week there won’t be a new product review, either. I had hoped things would turn out better, but I’m still too much under the weather from my infection and throwing in antibiotics by the bucket. Maybe next week will be better. This life […]

The End is near…

…at least for some things here on this site. More specifically I’m referring to my diaper comfort survey, of course. After it has been there for three months, I plan on closing it down at the end of January or first week of February and then it’s time to sift through the data and do […]