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BetterDry keeps you better dry

Just a bit of random news I just discovered: Improved adhesive tapes and tighter leg seams. If you remember my test of this particular diaper, I had no issues with the leg seal, but the stickies could indeed be a pain. Might be worth checking out when the new batches are actually available. Advertisements

We want Comficare back! (Or should we?)

On the German version of my blog I saw exactly this phrase “We want Comficare back!” in the latest search results, so it’s a thing spending five minutes to ponder on. I have tested and reviewed both of Thrust Vector‘s products (here and here) and while both have their good sides, both have some weaknesses all […]

Diaper Test: BetterDry & Crinklz

Diaper Test: BetterDry & Crinklz

After the involuntary interruption of my publishing schedule, to make up for it I’m giving you an extra juicy piece today. Yes, of course I’m talking about the much anticipated successor to the Comficare, the BetterDry and it’s aptly named derivative, the Crinklz. Following last year’s example, this review will once more be two rolled into […]

Something is coming in 2016…

…and I suppose many people are both excited as well as a bit skeptical at the same time. At long last it seems the successor to the immensely popular Comficare, the BetterDry is finally on its way, if only with muches, muches delay. After the announcement in July, which itself was only a late and […]

The Boss speaks up

The diaper world is strange in that there seems to be a new or changed product every three months, making publishing my reviews here on the site a bit of a never-ending race. As luck would have it, I barely finished my reviews for Comficare and Crinklz and now everything is already changing. We’ve been […]

Diaper Test: Comficare & Crinklz

Diaper Test: Comficare & Crinklz

Since I’m on a roll with this, here’s another product review. This time I’ve rolled two products into one, because basically they are the same – one with some colorful printing, the other just plain neutral white. This is similar to my previous article on the Rearz product. Comficare hit the market some time in […]